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We've built an elite team of Business School Talent to build a bespoke application that will guarantee admission into your Top Schools.

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In 2024, we're thrilled to share that over 30 students from our class secured placements at LBS, among them the lowest GMAT scorer (610 old GMAT scoring). This represents more than 10% of the entire LBS MIM class.

The expertise we use to guide our students to Top Schools

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Just some of our success stories

Their expertise was crucial to the success of my application. Specifically, their guidance in interview preparation was invaluable. Really really recommend them.

Thomas A.


I'd like to thank the MIM Prep team for offering me support during my Master's journey. Their guidance and support, especially during challenging moments, made a noticeable difference in my journey to Masters.

Eden P.


My journey to obtaining my master's degree was far from smooth, filled with numerous ups and downs. I'm profoundly grateful for the support of the MIM prep team. Their expertise played a crucial role in the success of my application. Looking back, I can't imagine going through this process without their guidance.

Isabel D.


The strategic insights and recommendations given were always practical and beneficial. Thomas knowledge of the LBS admission process is one of the best in the game.

Victor F.


The MIM Prep team was definitely instrumental in my success to masters, I don’t know what I have would done without them!

Shirin F.


Working with the MiM Prep team was a breath of fresh air. Their informal chats on WhatsApp, combined with their professional attitude, made for a trustworthy and efficient collaboration. Having checked other preparation company I can confidently say that their knowledge of the MIM application game is unparalleled.

Vincent Z.


Our edge

From Scratch Customisation

At MIM Prep, each part of your application is fully written & customized with unlimited edits until everything is perfect.

The "Big Brother" Approach

The most vital part of any application is reliable support. We know the struggle, and being able to reach out to us at any time of the day, is central to our vision at MIM Prep.

Limited Cohort

Our cohort has a limited number of seats to maximize the attention granted to each student, and to guarantee best-in class admissions results.

Interview Prep

You’ll have unlimited mock interviews (until you feel ready) with top-tier tutors, including alumni from the specific school in question through our extensive network.

Exclusive Content

We've compiled thousands of hours of experience into exclusive content for your benefit.

Selection Committee Simulation

Each application goes through the founding team, the idea being to simulate a Selection Committee ensuring everything is perfect before sending out your application.

See what our students have to say

We've shaped some exceptional stories, including a 610 to LBS, 620 to INSEAD and 650 to HEC.

Our process

The MIM Prep Process

We've built a unique, for student-by-student, bespoke approach to optimize for admission to Top-Tier Schools.

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Free Consultation Call

The first step is getting on a call with our team, and figuring out the right course of action for you.



Onboarding with a dedicated tutor available 24/7 for questions and support.


Application plan defined with manager

A tutor will guide you through the adequate strategic application path for your profile


Application files

Application files (CV, Cover Letter, Application Questions, Recommendation Letters) handled by writers, coordinated and proofread by manager (tutor).


Interview preparation

For the interview stages, your tutor will assign you talents from the target program you will be applying to - as many interviews as requested.



We assist you in choice selection and adapt your application strategy whenever required.

Our team

Meet the team

We've built an elite team of Business School Talent to build a bespoke application that will guarantee admission into your Top Schools.


The expertise we use to guide our students to Top Schools & Companies

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What we offer

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Masters in management

MIM Prep All-Inclusive

You only apply to one master in your life, don't take any chances & maximize your odds with the All-Inclusive.

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Consultation on Best-Suited Schools for Student's Profile and Career Goals Assessment of Student Skillset/ Experiences

Overall application Strategy, Personal branding and Story Tailoring

GMAT Exam Strategy & Support Unlimited CV Edit & review

Unlimited Cover Letter and Essays Edit & Review

Unlimited Letter of Recommendation Edit & Review

Exclusive Interview Modules & Workshops

Real-Time Interview Question Bank

Unlimited Interview Mocks with experts from the school

Periodic Meetings to Keep Track of Your Progress


Frequently asked questions

What is the overall weight of the GMAT in the application file?


The GMAT is significant below the 630-650 threshold, however we estimate that above 650 the overall weight is around 25% of the application file. To illustrate, we have managed to send a 610 to LBS, 620 to INSEAD, 650 to HEC.

Is GMAT preparation included?


You will be onboarded by in-house GMAT talents who will guide you in crafting the appropriate study plan, backed by our numerous ressources (Quant, Verbal, Algorithm, Error Log, etc.)

How many masters can I apply to?


We recommend applying up to 5 masters, and are flexible depending on the appropriate strategy for our students.

How many students do you take you per round?


Our vision is to build the best preparation company in the world, therefore we take on small classes of students to ensure top tier results.

Can I pay in several installments?


Yes, we do calls with parents regularly when it helps with financing, or stretch out to x3 instalments if needed.

Don’t see your questions?

Reach out to our team, and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

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